Those present were as follows:


Jerelyn Shipp Hovingh and husband, James Hovingh


Don Holt and wife, Linda Holt


Ray Mills and wife, Nettie Mills


Bobby Moorehead and wife, Sandra Moorehead


Earlene M. Lyle and husband, Bob Lyle


Neil W. Baker and wife, Ruth Baker


Linda Holt Moorehead and husband, James Moorehead


Mrs. Frank (Opal) Corbin


Donna Holt


David H. Bailey and wife, Virginia Wilson Bailey




Those unable to attend:


 R. C. Corbin


Jerry Frazier


Ronnie Gray

   Benton Irby   Travis Towns  


 1.  Sandra Moorehead, wife of Bobby Ray and Donna Jo Holt Wise, daughter of Don Holt 

   2.  Mrs. Opal Corbin and James Moorehead


3.  Linda Holt (Mrs. James) Moorehead

 4.  Nettie and Ray Mills talking to Linda Holt Moorehead.  In background, Sandra Moorehead,   Bob Lyle and Lynda Ann Holt.

  5. Group photo: Bobby Ray Moorehead, David Bailey , Jeralyn Shipp Hovingh,  Don  Holt, Earlene Mendenhall Lyle , Neil Baler & Ray Mills  (with an s)

6.  Opal Corbin talking with Nettie Mills.  In background:  Donna Jo Holt Wise, Neil Baker, James Moorehead talking to his brother, Bobby Ray Moorehead and wife, Sandra.

7.Jeralyn Shipp & her husband James Hovingh

8. Ruth and Neil Baker

9. Ray Mills        



     Back row:  Bobby Ray Moorehead, Bob Lyle, Sandra Moorehead, David and Virginia Bailey, Lynda Ann and Don Holt,
                   Neil Baker, Linda and James Moorehead, Nettie and Ray Mills.

      Front row:  Donna Holt Wise, Opal (Mrs. Frank) Corbin, Ruth Baker, Earlene Mendenhall Lyle, Jeralyn Shipp and
                    James Hovingh


11. Bobby Moorehead, David Bailey, Jeralyn Shipp Hovingh, Don Holt Earlene Mendenhall Lyle, Neil Baker and Ray Mills   Photo's compliments of David and Virginia Bailey Identified by David and Virginia Bailey, Linda Holt Moorehead,  and Earlene Mendenhall Lyle

12.  Bobby Ray and Sandra Moorehead


13. Jeralyn Shipp Hovingh, Ray Milles and wife, Nettie


14. Opal Corbin and Don Holt



15. David Bailey, Don Holt, and wife, Lynda Ann , Jeralyn Shipp, Ray Mills, Nettie Mills and Ruth Baker