Tree of Knowledge


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             That was the "Tree of Knowledge" under which the
"old-timers" in Minden gathered for many years to solve the problems of the
world. There is a very good painting of the tree done, I believe, by Wanda
Monzingo Kendrick. The demise of the tree does have an interesting tie to
your Class of 1955. The tree was destroyed on Thursday night, May 19, 1955,
just before your class graduated. Apparently we were in for a stormy spell
as your graduation was also disrupted by a storm, I believe.  The picture
that is on the web page was on the front page of the Minden Herald of
Thursday, May 26. 1955. On the front page of the Minden Press, published
that same day, was a poem written by Richard Faircloth about the old tree.
Unfortunately, the Monday newspaper, the Webster Review, that had been
published by the Herald, had ceased operation in October 1954, so there was
no paper that covered the storm in its immediate aftermath, the next papers
came out a week later.

John Agan, Webster Parish Historian

                                                                     THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE

By Richard Faircloth

It was the old tree of knowledge
That stood on the Courtyard square,
Where the older gentleman gathered
And exchanged stories there.

If words could be recorded
That were spoken under that tree,
Oh, what an interesting volume
Of subjects that would be.

Many visiting pastors
Have stood upon the sod,
And under The Tree of Knowledge
Have preached the Word of God

The hostile winds were heavy
That tore her limbs apart,
Leaving interesting memories
In many admirers heart.

We will miss her shade in summer
And her beauty in the breeze,
But I thank God in Heaven
For the use of such trees.

John Agan
Louisiana and Genealogy Section
Webster Parish Library
521 East & West
Minden, LA  71055

(318) 371-3080  Ext. 26

 A new tree was planted after the 1952 court house was built facing Main Street

Submitted by Gary Mathews Sept. 2002