In the year 1858 there was an area, between Dorcheat Bayou and Clarks

Bayou, east and west; and from a line approximately three miles south of the town of Cotton Valley,

on the North to Bossier Point, on the South, in which there was no white Baptist church,

 (Bossier Point was located between Clarke Bayou and Lake Bistineau, about ten miles south of the town of Doyline.)

At this area was very scarcely settled, and because of the mode of travel

in those days, it was quite difficult to organize and maintain a church for very

long. But an organizing countil, composed of Rev. James Fuller, Rev. E. Strickland and Rev.

J. A. David, being familiar with the needs of the people of this area, called a meeting of the Baptists,

and organized what was then known as Gum Springs Baptist Church. This church was located one and one half miles

south of the present village of McIntyre. This church served the community until about the close of the civil war.

Then, due to the many changes during the reconstruction period, after the war, the church

became disorganized and the records were lost, but the surviving members, being

of pioneer stock, both religiously, and politically, and realizing that the church is

the foundation of all civilization, came together again under the leadership of Rev.

L. P. Lowry (father of the late J. C. Lowry of Minden) and Rev. John Dupree, a

state missionary, and organized a church again, about 1872, giving it the name of

Antioch Baptist Church. This church is located four miles west of Minden on the

Old Wire Road, (now Highway 80) on a lot donated to the church by Mrs. Lizzie

Stevens, a grandmother of the late Tulley C. Franks, and great-grandmother of Mrs.

William McKinney of Minden.



Salinda Bailey (Salinda Rosabelle Knox wife of William Bailey grandmother of Nolan Bailey)

William Boone

Nancy Knight

Malissa Martin

W. Z. Martin

Lucinda Richardson

Martha Richardson

Sanders Richardson (great grandfather of Dr. Milton Richardson and Dr. Thomas Richardson of Minden)

Emaline Walker

Mary Walker

Sidney Walker

Rev. L. P. Lowry preached the sermon on the organization of the church, and

Rev. John Dupree acted as moderator of the proceedings. The church was domiciled

in a small boxed house at first, which was destroyed by fire in 1882.

During the years of Antioch's life we have been served by the following pastors:

Rev. John Dupree Rev. H. G. Estell
Rev. J. F. Hinson Rev. L. A. Lea
Rev. O. M. Bigbee Rev. R. O. Bazer
Rev. J. A. Walker Rev. C. C. Walker
Rev. W. D. Alford Rev. E. A. Burgess
Rev. C. E. Reed Rev. R. J. Brown
Rev. J. M. Finley Rev. Earnest Scott
Rev. J. B. Menborn Rev. H. A. Walters
Rev. A. N. Murray Rev. H. T. Shows
Rev. James Evans Rev. C. E. Foster
Rev. D. O. Christian Rev. J. R. Hearron
Rev. G. C. Dennis Rev. Cecil Basham
Rev. J. Guy Allen

Rev. M. R. Perkins - 1950 - 55
Rev. T. E. Windsor - 1955 - 59
Rev. Jack E. Byrd - 1950 - 61
Rev. Charles Wallace - 1962 - 71
Rev. Malcolm Self - 1972 - 80
Rev. Allen McHam - 1981
Rev. Tommy Freeman- 1982 - 85
Rev. Malcolm Self - 1985 -

Current Pastor - Danny Warbington (2005)
Current Choir Director Tommy Kemp (2005)

The church went from half-time to full-time preaching August 8, 1943 after Bro.
J. B. Hearron became pastor. The first pastor's home was built in 1948.

In 1957 a two story brick building and educational building was completed. The
auditorium was used only about three months before being destroyed by fire on
October 20, 1957.

The present building was built in 1959. In 1979 the addition of a two story

educational building and fellowship hall were added.

In 1991 the auditorium was completely remodeled, followed by stained glass
windows in 1992.

Antioch Baptist Church History
February 25, 1872 - August 15, 1963
by Mrs. G. G. Laning
(nee, Ella Walker)
   In writing a history of Antioch Baptist Church we have relied on information gained from various sources, viz; old church minutes, old association minutes, W. E. Paxton's history of Louisiana Baptists completed in 1881, and last, but not least, from Mrs. W. E. Allen (nee, Carrie Ratcliff),  of Sarepta, La., who was baptized into the Antioch Church seventy years ago, at the age of thirteen years.  Mrs. Allen was the last surviving child of Isaiah Ratcliff and wife Caroline Ratcliff, who were outstanding members of this church for a number of years.  (Mrs. Allen went to her reward in 1962.)
   Our information, however, is to some extent limited, by some of our oldest records having been destroyed by fire and otherwise in years gone by.
   To begin with the real beginning, let us turn the pages of time back to Sept. 1858 - 105 years ago, when a few Baptists came together, and with the assistance of  the Revs. James Fuller, E. Strickland and J. A. David, (according to Paxton's History of Louisiana Baptists) organized a Baptist Church in a little log school house about 2.5 miles southwest of here (Antioch Church) in what is now the Louisiana Ordinance Plant area, and began to do business for the Lord.  Names of the charter members are no longer n existence but I am confident that the mother of the late Geo. M. Hearne, Sr. of the Hearne's Dry Good Co. of Shreveport, La. was one of them, having heard Mr. Hearne mention it several times.
   The little church was known as the Gum Springs Church, the name the same as the school, which took its name from an everlasting spring near by.  They had preaching just once per month by their pastor, Bro. John Dupree, a state missionary.  All went well for a time - souls were being saved - the church was growing both spiritually and numerically.  In the intervening time however, a minister of another faith (Methodist),  Bro. Sam Scott, had begun preaching there once a month.  He and Bro. Dupree agreed on separate days to hold their services, so as not to conflict.  But after Bro. Dupree's sound scriptural preaching, Bro. Scott saw the people were becoming so grounded in the Baptist Faith, that he resolved to run Bro. Dupree away.  He showed up one Sunday morning on Bro. Dupree's day - was there ready to take over and preach when Bro. Dupree arrived to fill his appointment.  He reminded Bro. Scott that it was his (Dupree's) day - but Bro. Scott contended it was his own, and they never did agree, but became very bitter over it.  (Actually came to blows.)  I haven't information as to which, if either, preached that day, but Bro. Dupree told his people then, that if they wanted him to continue to serve them, they would have to build a house of worship all their own, so no one could interfere with their worship, and quoting Dr. Paxton, "after that, Scott concluded that he had undertaken a rough job, and let him alone.  The results were, however, the church was so strengthened, that they moved out on the public road, built a good house of worship and are now a strong and active body."  (Antioch Baptist Church)
   The Antioch Church is now located on a one acre plot of ground, four miles west of Minden, on U. S. Highway 80, donated by a fine Presbyterian lady, Mrs. Lizzie Stevens, grandmother of our late Bro. Tully C. Franks, who with his wife, Mrs. Merle Holeman Franks, meant so much to our church for so many years.
The Antioch Baptist Church was organized Feb. 25, 1872, after a sermon by Rev. L. P. Lowery, Rev. John Dupree, moderator, and Rev. L. P Lowery, clerk assisting.  Following are the names of Charter Members:
          Sanders Richardson                                           Sidney Walker
          Lucinda Richardson                                            Mary Walker
          Martha Richardson                                             Nancy Knight
          Wm. Z. Martin                                                   Salinda Bailey
          Malissa Martin                                                   William Boone
          Emeline Walker
   The church first built a small but comfortable house of worship, which met the needs at that time, but about the year 1882, it was destroyed by fire of undetermined origin, together with all the church records to that date.
   Will say here that the oldest record book I had access to was dated from May 6, 1883, so undoubtedly the minutes of organization in 1872, also the list of charter members, were written by memory of the church clerk at that time.
   The church having attained some strength, numerically, spiritually and financially, by the time of losing their building by fire, began at once to make plans to rebuild.
   Among the additions which had been received was a Bro. Isaiah Ratcliff and wife, Caroline, and several of their large family.  Bro. Ratcliff, being a deacon and a leader in church matters, was placed on a building committee, and was largely responsible for the erection of the new building, sawing timber from his own farm, on his own sawmill to use in framework and the outside walls.  He and an old colored man by the name of Jim Kimball did much of the building, even to making the so comfortable pews, which were not so unlike our present ones so recently installed.
   The building was never ceiled until the year 1901, under the leadership of the pastor, W. D. Alford, and was never painted until the year 1907, under the leadership of the pastor, J. B. Mewborn.  The ceiling was manufactured by the Allentown sawmill, owned and operated by Allen Bros. and Wadley, which was located about eight miles west of here in 1892.  How well I remember how every one was thrilled over the ceiling and painting!
   As time passed the church experienced some fruitful years, also some discouraging ones - sometimes pastorless for months at a time.  Although the growth was slow, due to the sparsely settled territory of small farmers with limited means, by the year 1939, under the heroic leadership of a consecrated pastor of great faith and broad vision, the much loved, late Bro. W. L. Stevens, the church realized the need, also the possibility of annexing four Sunday School class rooms.  Before many months the rooms were built, Bro. Stevens doing much of the work himself, some of the men of the church assisting, Rev. C. C. Walker and Deacon B. T. Wheless being two of the principal ones.
   The church went from half-time to full time preaching Aug. 8, 1943, soon after Bro. J. R. Hearron became our pastor.
   The first pastor's home was built in 1948 and is now being used for the Young Adult Sunday Scool Department.  The present pastor's home, a three bedroom brick veneer, was purchased from Mr. Clyde Prescott in Feb. 1962.
   In 1949 an extension was added to the back of the church, providing space for a choir, larger pulpit, church office, and a baptistery under the leadership of pastor, Guy Allen, and very soon thereafter, new sheet rock ceiling and oak flooring was donated by Bro. Marion Davis.
   By this time the Sunday School and Training Union had outgrown their quarters, and we bought a good buildng down in the Gov't reservation, had it moved intact by a house moving concern up on to our church lot, which provided us with five or six more classrooms and a small nursery.
   By 1951 the need for a much larger church plant as a whole became apparent, due to the large influx of people into the area of the Louisiana Ordinance Plant, and a move was started with Bro. M. R. Perkins, pastor, to erect buildings adequate to meet the needs for many years to come, resulting in the completion of a two story brick veneer educational building, and a commodius auditorium, which were completed in the summer of 1957.  The educational building provided rooms for many classes, pastor's study, church office, a kitchen, two restrooms, nursery, and assembly rooms.
   When the new auditorium had been in use only two or three months (had not yet been dedicated), on the evening of Oct. 20, 1957, just as the Training Union groups were settling down for their programs, some one sounded the alarm of "FIRE, FIRE, the church is a FIRE!"  Fire had originated in the steeple, and by the time everyone had vacated the building the fire had gained such headway, that by the time several fire departments could reach the scene, all they could do was to save the pastor's home, then occupied by the Rev. Thomas E. Windsor and family, and most of the educational building.  The new brick veneer auditorium with all furnishings, including new pews, song books, choir chairs, a nice new piano which was donated by Deacon H. O. West of the Minden First Baptist Church, the Lord's Supper Table, expensive hand-made scarves - everything which made up the new auditorium, cherished by so many was completely destroyed as the people stood by and watched, which was all they could do.
   Undaunted, tho' heartsick, the people came together the next Lord's Day, crowded up in the old buildings, and courageously voted to begin plans at once to rebuild the auditorium, and make necessary repairs on the educational building.  The men of the church did this repair work mostly at night and on Saturdays, and before a great while this building was back in use, which greatly relieved the crowded conditions.
   Due to many details having to be worked out, actual construction of the new all brick auditorium was delayed until Spring 1959, which was contracted to and executed by Belcher & Sons, contractors.  This is a much better and stronger building every way, than the one that burned.  The first service was held in it, Oct. 7, 1959, the funeral of Mrs. R. E. Pitman.
   Through the ninety-one years of this church's existence, many hundreds have been added by baptism, by transfer of letters from many other churches.  Likewise, many have gone out from us, into other states, cities, towns, and rural sections, to, we hope, bear witness of the saving power of Christ, to those who know it not.  Yet others have gone, sad to say, without signifying that they intended to be "loyal to Christ," by leaving their church membership behind.  At present we have approximately 192 non-resident members, gone, we know not where.  We have approximately 300 resident members, most of whom we feel are working at their jobs of "Living for Christ."  We have a Sunday School enrollment of 385 members, Training Union enrollment of 149 members.  We have approximately 40 men in Brotherhood, 31 WMS members, 14 YWA's, 16 GA's, 13 Sunbeams and 48 RA's.
   During the ninety-one years of Antioch's life we have been served by thirty pastors, as follows:
                          Rev. John Dupree                                       Rev. H. G. Estel
                          Rev. J. F. Hinson                                       Rev. L. A. Lea
                          Rev. O. M. Bigbee                                     Rev. R. O. Bazer
                          Rev. J. A. Walker                                      Rev. C. C. Walker, Jr.
                          Rev. W. D. Alford                                      Rev. E. A. Burgess
                          Rev. C. E. Reed                                        Rev. R. J. Brown
                          Rev. J. M. Finley                                       Rev. Earnest Scott
                          Rev. J. B. Mewborn                                   Rev. W. L. Stevens
                          Rev. A. N. Murray                                     Rev. J. R. Hearron
                          Rev. James Evans                                    Rev. Cecil Basham
                          Rev. D. O. Christian                                  Rev. J. Guy Allen
                          Rev. G. C. Dennis                                     Rev. M. R. Perkins
                          Rev. H. A. Walters                                    Rev. T. E. Windsor
                          Rev. N. T. Shows                                      Rev. Jack E. Byrd
                          Rev. C. E. Foster                                      Rev. Charles Wallace (1963)
   During the ministry of these men our deacons have been:
                          Sanders Richardson                                  W. Z. Martin
                          J. M. Rickerson                                         Allen Ratcliff
                          C. C. Walker, Sr.                                       J. A. Reeves
                          G. W. Wilson                                            B. T. Wheless
                          J. L. Dyer                                                  W. A. Lomax
                          David Stewart                                            Frank Powell
                          Robert E. Pitman                                       Marion Davis
                          Tom Davis                                                 B. A. Walker
                          R. J. Pitman                                              E. K. Ervin
                          Clyde Everett                                             Dolan Pullig
                          Curtis Brazzel                                            Levelle Haynes
                          Leroy McCoy                                             Willie Gray
                          Jesse Woodall                                           T. C. Lee
                          James White                                              Vessie D. Allen
                          William Dunn                                              A. D. Lowe, Sr.
                          J. H. Parham                                              Sam Davis
                          P. E. Burton, Jr.                                         D. V. Cox, Sr.
                          Connon Brown
   Church clerks who have served are:
                         E. W. Everett                                              M. T. Richardson
                         B. D. Walker                                               C. C. Walker, Jr.
                         T. C. Franks, Sr.                                          Dolan Pullig
                         Mrs. C. R. Roberts                                       P. E. Burton, Jr.
                         Mrs. Stella McWhorter                                  J. L. McCoy
                         Mrs. Hershell Kidd (1963)
                        Also Mrs. Stella McWhorter, J. L. McCoy and R. J. Pittman
   Mrs. C. R. Roberts served as Secretary, Clerk and Treasurer for several years and Mrs. J. H. Parham is our present Secretary and Treasurer.
We do not feel that this history would be complete without making mention of Bro. James W. Baten, who was licensed to preach by this church, but due to failing health and other obstacles over which he had no control, was never ordained, but rendered valuable services to the church in every way possible.  Also T. E. Wheless, who, at this date is a licensed minister, but due to five years of serving his country, and then caring for his invalid mother several years, has never been privileged to exercise his talents very much, therefore has never been ordained.
   Through the years, Antioch has produced five ordained ministers:
                          C. C. Walker, Jr.                                      John A. Walker
                          J. T. Davis                                               Wayne Reeves
                          Harold L. Pitman
   Our choir directors have been:
                          Miss Ava Nell McWhorter (now a missionary to Nigeria)
                          Mrs. W. H. Baten (nee, Mary Davis)
                          Miss Rita Hofass                           Rev. G. E. Tisdale, Jr.
                          B. C. Garriss                                 W. L. Sinn
                          Chase Murph                                 Everett L. Murphy
                          Rev. G. E. Tisdale, Jr.                    J. H. Parham  (1963) 
   When we used a litle reed organ many years ago our organists were:
                          Mrs. T. C. Franks                          Miss Ola Stone 
                          Miss Bertha Roberts                      Miss Thelma Franks 
                          Mrs. D. E. Stanley                         Miss Ella Walker 
   We bought our first piano in 1937 and pianists have been:
                          Miss Jessie M. Wheless                Mrs. J. R. Hearron
                          Mrs. Cecil Basham                        Miss Joyce McWhorter
                          Miss Sylvia McWhorter                  Miss Faye Kidd
                          Miss Diana Jeffers                         Mr. Larry Milford
                          Miss Becky Pope.....and possibly others I do not recall.
 As a church we have faced many problems, probably made many mistakes, though, through the grace of God, have overcome many obstacles.  So with thankfulness we review the past, and with faith and courage accept the challenge of the future, "Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith."  
                                                                       - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     April 17, 1892 - No preaching because of high water in Dorcheat.
     May 15, 1892 - No preaching.  Pastor gone to Convention.
     October 15, 1893 - A report was made against one of the brothers for fishing on Sunday.
                                                                                                        A committee was appointed to look into the matter for the church.
     In June of 1901 the following report was made:  Paid pastor to date this year $72.85; Foreign
     Missions, $5.75; State Missions, $5.45; Ministerial Education, $1.75; and House Repairs,
     In July of 1901 the fence committee (appointed earlier to decide about putting a fence around
     the church and recommending what kind of fence to use) reported that it would take a fence
     "70 feet long by 50 feet wide and six planks high and that lumber could be had for $9.00 a
     On Sunday morning, July 28, 1901, there being seven candidates for baptism, at 9:00 A.M.
     the church met at the water (Dorcheat) and the pastor baptized all of the candidates. 
     Returned to the house after extending the hand of fellowship to those baptized and had a
     sermon by the pastor.  At the close a collection was taken for pastor which amounted to
     November, 1905, Sister Culpepper says she "has been dancing and expects to continue
     when it comes convenient."  Sister Culpepper excluded from church on charges of dancing.
     On April 14, 1906, a committee of three was appointed to investigate a report of certain
     brethren having been engaged in gambling.
     On June 16, 1906, the investigating committee reports having heard nothing from Bro.
     Hadley, but have seen Bro. Brunson and he denies gambling, but says he has been
     cursing.  A motion was carried to entertain a charge of profanity against him.  Also on
     this day, charges were preferred against four of the brethren for non-attendance.
     On July 14, 1906, the investigating committee reported still having heard nothing from Bro.
     Hadley.  Motion carried that the church entertain a charge against him for non-attendance.
     After some discussion he was excluded on the charge.
     On Jan. 19, 1907, two of the brethren and two of the sisters acknowledged dancing and
     asked the church to forgive them, which She did.
     In August, 1907, the church began a "protracted meeting" on Saturday before the 3rd
     Sunday in August, and continued until the following Friday, resulting in a revival of the
     church and six additions, 5 by baptism and 1 by statement.
     In September, 1907, a call was made to Bro. J. B. Mewborn to be pastor for the coming
     year.  He accepted  with the understanding that the church would pay him $100.00 per
    year for his services.
     On July 16, 1910, the committee on revising the church role reported that they found
     Antioch Baptist Church had 57 members, 32 females and 25 males.
     On December 18, 1910, after a statement from Sister Stone that she could not believe as
     the Baptists did, a move prevailed and the church withdrew fellowship from her on account
     of heresy.
     August 27, 1911, highlights of the Associational letter:
          Value of Church property               -     $500.00
          Number of members                      -            58
          Paid Pastor                                  -     $ 58.15
          State Missions                              -     $  1.25
          Home Missions                             -     $   2.25
          Foreign Missions                           -     $   5.75
     August 23, 1913 - "Protracted meeting began today.  We has a glorious meeting and the
     Lord greatly blessed us.  There were 18 added to the church, 2 by statement and 16 by
     baptism.  May the blessings of a lovingly (sic) Heavenly Father and a merciful Savior lead
     these young soldiers of the cross gently down life's pathway."

Submitted by Doyle Walker
Newspaper article submitted by Billy & LeVerne Kidd
Rev. Hearron was  the Pastor of Antioch Baptist Church during the forties
when the Gresham family attended church at Antioch.

Front Row: Joy Garriss, Ida Pittman

If you'll look at the left door facing, Billy Kidd is standing in front of the 2 tall ladies. he's the big kid.

Second Row from the top iw Will Garriss, unknown boy, Dorothy Cooper, Jimmy Pullig.

On the right end of the second row is Mrs. Zel Walker and I think that is Norman Walker in front of her.

Is that Myra Crownover standing to the left of Mrs. Walker.  Perhaps a reader can identify the people in the picture. If so E-mail or write to:  Sherry Gritzbaugh, 4507 Verone Street, Bellaire,TX7740    ANY HELP APPRECIATED.


Antioch Baptist Church

December, 2003

Antioch Baptist Church This is a story about memories of my childhood, the Gresham family, as much as it is my only history of going to Antioch Baptist church and living at McIntyre which is about five miles from Minden in Webster Parish, La. The memories of this white wood frame building still linger in my mind as vividly as if it were yesterday.

Though I was only seven years old at the time, I recall going to church every Sunday morning. I cannot tell you what our Sunday school lesson was about or one word of the sermon but I do remember those pretty hymns today.

The church was surrounded by woods. In the summer we had vacation bible school. The ladies would have a picnic for us at the end of the week. We always looked forward to that each summer. The surroundings were so beautiful. It was a place where the squirrels would build their nests and the birds would sing. It was a quiet place of peace and beauty. If it were raining, you could hear the drops falling as they hit the leaves on the ground.

One service still lingers in in my mind. The kids enjoyed sitting together on a wooden pew towards the back of the congregation. Mind you the distance from the front to back was not very great. The windows were up and the June bugs came in. The service started and the kids began trying to catch the June bugs. Rev. Herren must have had great composure because he smiled and did not scold us. A good thing that he didn't because my Mother would not have seen the humor in the situation.

The fans inside the church stand out in my mind. The church didn't have the convenience of air conditioning or even screens on the windows in the early forties. The windows would be raised to catch the breezes. The ladies would try to stay cool by fanning themselves with Green-Kleineger funeral home fans. There were the three-fold fans with a picture of young children walking over a bridge. A large angel was watching over them with her hand held out. There was also the famous painting of Jesus knocking on the door which had no knob. It signified that Jesus wanted to come into our hearts but the individual had to open the door to let him in.

 Sometimes we would bow our heads and close our eyes as we would sing: Into my heart, Into my heart, into my heart Lord Jesus. Come in today, come in to stay, come into my heart Lord Jesus. I forgot to mention there was also one fan in the center of the church. Most of the elders of Antioch Baptist Church are all gone now. But I know they are lifting up their voice in hymns of praise to our Lord and Master up in heaven. Those dear hearts and gentle people warm my heart so. I know I will see them again the sweet bye and bye. The night I was saved I can still hear the music as they sang:

Just as I am, without one plea,
But that Thy blood was shed for me,
And that Thou bidst me come to Thee,
Lamb of God, I come, I come.

Just as I am, and waiting not
To rid my soul of one dark blot,
To Thee whose blood can cleanse each spot,
O Lamb of God, I come, I come.

Just as I am, though tossed about
With many a conflict, many a doubt,
Fightings and fears within, without,
O Lamb of God, I come, I come.

Just as I am, poor, wretched, blind;
Sight, riches, healing of the mind,
Yea, all I need in Thee to find,
O Lamb of God, I come, I come.

Just as I am, Thou wilt receive,
Wilt welcome, pardon, cleanse, relieve;
Because Thy promise I believe,
O Lamb of God, I come, I come.

Just as I am, Thy love unknown
Hath broken every barrier down;
Now, to be Thine, yea, Thine alone,
O Lamb of God, I come, I come.

Just as I am, of that free love
The breadth, length, depth, and height to prove,
Here for a season, then above,
O Lamb of God, I come, I come!

I can still see the old white frame building of the first Antioch church building that is now torn down and a peace envelopes me. Sherry Gresham Gritzbaugh, the little girl who lived at McIntyre and attended Antioch Baptist church from 1943-1948 would treasure any history or memory you have of our time and place of growing up and going to school in Webster Parish.

                                                                        BOY SCOUT  MEMORIES SHARED

When Dr. Gary Daniel was a boy he had fond memories of being in Boy Scouts with Norman and Dudley Walker at Antioch Baptist Church.  Unfortunately the troup closed right before Gary made Eagle Scout.

Margie Walker remembers spending summers with her Aunt Zel Walker. The Walker's did a lot for the scouts.  In the summer when they would visit, her aunt and uncle would let them put tents up in the yard, one for the boys, Norman, Doyle and her brother, Sonny, and one for the girls, Dot, Louise and Margie. Of course the tent always killed the grass in the yard and herAunt Zel loved to keep her yard nice but she would let them do it anyway.      


   Photo Submitted by LeVerne & Billy Kidd

                                           Back Row from left:  Myra Crownover, Richard Long, Pete Volentine,  Richard
                                           Yates, Conrad Lindsey, Harvey Nelson,James Wood,  Donald Lindsey, Billy Kidd,
                                           Wayne Davis, Jimmie Pullig, Doyle Walker, Jackie Pullig

                                           Third row from left:  _________, Larry Stanley,  Sylvia McWhorter, Dorcas
                                           Campbell, Jeralyn Shipp, ________Mert Lindsey,  Vanetta Lee, ______Geneva Nelson,  ______, ________,
                                           Ida Mae Pittman, ________, Dot Walker, Marilyn Davis, and Elise Smith.
                                           Evelyn Smith ?

                                           Second row from left:  Helen Volentine, Carolyn) Davis, Barbara Ann Mays, 
                                           In second position from left. Recognize some other faces but can't put names with them.

                                          Nellie Volentine is on the right end of the front row.
                                          Pianist: Faye Kidd

                                          Identified by Doyle Walker, Nellie Volentine, Ann Mays Harlan, LeVerne Langheld Kidd & Billy Kidd 

                                          Photo submitted by LeVerne & Billy Kidd

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