OAK RIDGE?

Nolan, we had several hideouts, tree houses, etc. probably you guys found some of our "sunshine and health" magazines which had nude female piictures (with intimate areas tastefully shaded out). We had a bag swing hung from the big ditch. we also had our little "hide outs" out in the gravel pits behind the Oak Ridge subdivision. Gary Daniel was the Blue Daniel.

Charlie Hennigan, Class of 1953

Nolan wrote:
"Was reading on the Internet about Charlie Hennigan, who is four years older than I am.

"Hennigan was also known as part of “The Dirty Six”, a group of young, rambunctious boys that ruled the neighborhood known as “Oak Ridge Addition” off the Shreveport Road. "

This brought back a faint memory for me. As I've said, the Hennigan's lived at the bottom of the hill from me on South Roosevelt Drive. Since he lived next door, I ran around the neighborhood with Gary Mathews, even though was a couple of years my senior. Often we would wander down to the "big ditch" just north of the Hennigan home. I may be wrong, but as we moved up the ditch we came upon a "tree house" built by some unknown to us, person or persons. Curious, we climbed up in the tree to check things out.

A couple of days later we were accosted and accused of raiding the gang's hideout. Of course, since there were two or three guys in our fact that were larger and older, we "sinned" and told a big lie.

"Sorry, Charlie," now you know. We invaded your inner sanctum and moved some of the "personal property" of the "Dirty" guys... LOL

If they didn't have a "club house" on the ditch, I'm dreaming...forget my "lie." <grin>

Submitted by Nolan Webb, Class of 1957