Newsom Girls 2010 Christmas Luncheon


Hi Sherry!
My sisters and I held our annual Christmas luncheon on Saturday, December 11, 2010.
This year we held it at the little country church, Germantown Baptist Mission Church,
 we attended as kids growing up. One of the grandkids commented "it feels like coming home".
Our church, Germantown Baptist Mission Church, is a very short distance from where our home was,
in city terms probably 1/1-2 blocks.  
When we were growing up and attended the church it had only one room, the chapel itself.
The church has been well maintained. The outside looks the same except for some
additions. There is  a Fellowship Hall, men's and women's bathrooms and several classrooms. There's
also a full size kitchen.
The Fellowship Hall has the old piano that my sister Betty learned to play on when she took piano lessons.
During our luncheon she played it and we sang Christmas Carols.
The inside of the church is a little different.  The chapel is carpeted now instead of the old wooden floors.
I wish it still had the old floors.
This is a small country church and for Sunday worship service the normal attendance is about 18.
We had our luncheon in the Fellowship Hall...very nice.
I'm sorry and wish I could have taken pictures of the outside of the church but the weather was
windy and misting rain most of the day.
We did have a wonderful time visiting with each other, as usual, out time together was to short.
I am attaching a picture of the church, I am so sorry it is not better. But maybe we can get another one.
Also, a picture of the Newsom girls and some of the family. We had a great turnout.
Merry Christmas to everyone!
Melba Bair




Top L to R: Frances, Bonnie, Betty, Mary, Barbara, Margie
Front L to R: Melba, Tommie Jean

This little church is just to the right of the crossroads before the Germantown settlement.

Our home was as the crossroads.