New Car Showing


The crowd gathered outside Andress was more than likely there for the "New Car Showing" for that year. It was always a big event, much anticipated and much attended. I worked for Mr. Andress from 1957 ( after graduation) until Richard and I married in 1961. Fond memories. Joyce Carey

Photo submitted by LeVerne Langheld Kidd, Class of 57 Says LeVerne "I copied this from John Agan's face book page." You can see the city still had the old water tank and the round one we still use now..behind this building and down a little way is the First Baptist Church, that faces the water tanks & boulevard..  The car to the leftlooks a lot like the one I use to drive." 


This was also copied from John Agan's face book page.  Notice the Confederate flag and that GoneWith the Wind was Playing at the Rex. Thanks to LeVerne for this interesting picture for Memories of Minden in the Fifties. Joyce is right, those were very fond memories.  We were lucky to have been able to have grown up andgone to school in Minden.