"Mitt” Lambert    

“Mitt” Lambert was a young man who was in my Sunday School Class in the 1950’s at First Baptist Church. I believe his correct name was Milton, but his father was known as Milton Lambert, so they called the son “Mitt”. My family and I knew the older gentleman as a good man of integrity, as far as I know.  Both were successful businessmen.  Mitt's mother used to teach us songs in Vacation Bible School.  His sister, Joy, lived up to her name.

While visiting a Greek Orthodox Church for a wedding in Jackson, MS, I heard of the younger Lambert’s success.  Later I had the privilege of visiting once with Mitt briefly, as I recall, I think in Minden, La.

During the high school years, Mitt’s father had some difficulty with his eyesight, I learned socially.  Mitt said that his father could not drive as a result of the decreased vision.  Problem was that he owned some business interests at quite a distance from Minden, possibly Vicksburg, for example.  So, when Mitt got his driver’s license, he drove his father on weekends and in the summer to his businesses in at least two states.  I think this went on for quite a while.  I never heard the first complaint from Mitt, though he missed many things in high school times because of this chauffeur activity for his father.

Knothead that I was, I did not understand at first why Mitt missed Sunday School.  My father explained it to me.  Gradually I understood that he was doing what he should be doing.  The interesting thing is the rest of the story in later years.

Mitt, probably now known as Milton, became, if my memory is correct, an accountant, a CPA.  In any event, he gave advice about business to some people who had invested in a fast food business maybe in Texas.  I believe it might have been Chick-fil-A.   The businessmen, over a period of time, became impressed with the business judgment of Milton.  They offered him an opportunity to invest in some of the expanding business.  Milton [my brain keeps calling him ‘Mitt” because that is how I knew him] achieved a rather high degree of success in this field.  God blessed his enterprises.

I reflect back and ask myself why he was so successful.  It might have been his training, for he was well educated, but many people have that.  It might have been his hard work, and that is surly necessary. Maybe he learned sound business practices from his father on those long trips.  That helps.   But in my mind it all came together because he honored his father.  God blessed him abundantly because he willingly and with no resentment honored, served and obeyed his ailing father.

I know several Bible verses that would explain this. But they would not speak quite so loudly as the good example of the life of Mitt Lambert.  It was an honor to have known him.

by Samuel M. Richardson III

Motto: God is Faithful.

Milton “Mitt” Lambert was in the MHS Class of 1960.
Submitted by: Ann Mays Harlan, Class of 1958

Sam, thank you for this information about Mitt. The Lamberts were our neighbors on Buchanan Street, a truly fine family. Joy and I were in the same class at school, and still keep in touch. I lost touch with Mitt years ago. I have wondered what became of him, so It was so nice to read your article on him. Thanks again.

Submitted by: Dottie DAY Adcock, Class of 1957

I loved reading this about Mitt... some things I never knew.  I always liked him but yet didn't know him well or I might have known some of these things. I don't remember that I knew Mitt is no longer with us on earth.  I'm sure God had special blessings for him!  By the way, he will always be Mitt to me!

Submitted by:  Linda Holt Moorehead, Class of 1961