1907 Maypole

This would have either been the first or second time a Maypole was erected in City (or Civic) Park, since the park was developed in 1905-06. I am at work, so I cannot enlarge the picture to tell if that is the Joe Miller home in the background or perhaps the Wiley home that was on Main Street. If it is the Miller home it would be fitting since Roy Scales Miller (mother of Roy Miller Inabnett) was the lady who spearheded the establishment of the park. If that is the Miller home, then the edge of roof in the foreground would be the original home of the Minden (First) Baptist Church, which was converted into a home after the church built a new building (Rex Theater building) in 1902.

John Agan, Webster Parish, Historian


I'm eager to learn more about the Maypole custom.  I have never seen the wrapping of the Maypole, but my Mother told me about it...I have one small picture of her in her childhood (Boligee, Ala., I thnk) with several other little girls about a much smaller pole than John has sent...and she told me that this was a big celebratory thing done at MSCW (Miss. State College for Women) when she was a student there.  She was part of the dance program there, tho her degree was in chemistry.  She says they made very elaborate patterns with the different colored ribbons as they wrapped the pole.  I wanted so badly to see this done.  A young friend who worked at Bryn Mawr (not sure of that spellingj) about 5 years back, tells me they were still doing this at that school each May.    Mother also talked of hanging little nosegays on the front doors of the houses of friends when she was a little girl.  What a lovely, gentle kindness! 

Jeannine Mobley Rhea,Class of 1956