Herman Ratcliff






 My second most vivid memory was in the Gilark Camp (First memory was a picnic in a wooded area couple of miles from Junction City, La., but that is another story.)  We lived in the last, or next to the last , camp house after crossing the RR Tracks.  The little girl next door said "Put your finger rite in there."  I did and she squeezed down on the pliars. I squalled and went running to Mother.  The two Mothers had a "discussion."  I have been very careful where my finger went after that.  Seems we lived there maybe a year and moved to our Sibley Road home after completion. Dad then went to work at L&ARR.  I have a faint memory of visiting Robinson's when camp living.  I was 3 when I moved to Sibley Road. Now Betty Jo is slowly slipping away.  In recliner or bed 24/7 exception  bath days and beauty parlor.  She recognizes me and close friends by name but initiates little conversation.  She doses or sleeps most of time.  Is most active in PM watching Dr. Phil, etal.  Has no interest in home activities - which are very good.  I am with her daily.  She has retained her sence (sp) of humor/wit. The pediatrist said today "Who is standing behind you?" -  "Oh. just someone I picked up on the way over- He is sure better looking than the last one." Whispering  "Don't tell him that."  Yes, there are still good moments. BRAG TIME - Son Brian, is local attorney serving as President of Arkansas Bar Association.  He is a partner in Little Rock Firm and Managers the El Dorado Office. Our other son - Ben and I were at the table with him and wife at installation in Hot Springs.  Big affair.  There are less buttons on my shirts.