Doyle Walker

My Grandfather Joe Smith, my Mother’s (Zel Walker) father, swore (and boy could he swear!) that this is a true story!

It was a very hot day in May 1934 and my “Grandpa Joe” was plowing a field on his farm located between Minden and Arcadia. He noticed a Ford car that was parked under a tree across the dirt road from where he was plowing. He could see that a man and a woman were asleep in the car. After some time had passed, the car’s occupants awakened, drove down the road and stopped opposite where Grandpa Joe was resting. The man was driving and he asked for directions to Arcadia. My Grandfather gave him directions while noticing that a blanket had been thrown over something in the back seat. The woman was young and attractive but did not say anything. They left and my Grandfather did not think anything more about the incident until he read in the newspaper the next day that the notorious bank robbers and killers, Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, had been ambushed and killed by Federal Agents 8 miles outside Arcadia. The date was May 23, 1934. Their car was a Ford V-8 sedan and there were several machine guns and ammunition under a blanket in the back seat.

When he saw their pictures in the newspaper, there was no doubt in my Grandfather’s mind that he had met the famous Bonnie and Clyde a short time before they were killed. And, he really enjoyed telling about it over and over!


  I just found attached pictures in some photos my brothers gave me when I
was there in Sept for Reunion.  This pic was in Mom's picture collection
(Joe and Fannie Smith were her parents) and I thought it might reinforce my
previously submitted story "Doyle Walker's Grandfather Met Bonnie & Clyde"?
This pictures was made in 1992 but the area still looks about the same with more
growth when I was there in Sep 05 (the caption and mounting was apparently
done by Mom).  My brother, Dudley, took me to this same location in Sep to
show me where our grandfather saw Bonnie and Clyde the morning they were
killed.  BTW, this story is consistent with Pat Watson's book wherein he
indicated that B&C were scared away from a cafe in Bossier City by police
earlier that evening.  As you know, this location is between Bossier and
Arcadia so it is reasonable to assume they turned off HW 80 and drove down
back roads to my grandfather's property where they pulled over to spend the
night in their car.  The next morning they could have driven back roads (or
HW 80?) to get to Arcadia where they met their ultimate fate.  Cheers,
Doyle Walker










          Photo of the marker submitted two years later on November 26, 2005    

                                                                    by Ann Mays Harlan