Don O'dell Holt




Hi, Sherry!

Thank you for this. It isn't the kind of song I liked to hear him sing as he had a beautiful voice for ballads but he preferred singing these upbeat songs. I'm writing to tell you that he wrote this song for Joann Corbin before they married in 1954. It must have been written in 1953 when they were students at Spencer-Draughn Business College...then known as Meadows-Draughn. When Mother, Daddy and I lived in Brownsville, TX, we used to hear it often on the radio, especially on a station in Corpus Christi. Nobody in the family has a copy of it now due to a fire and floods. Sad! The other side, "Let Me Love You", was a ballad and by far my favorite of the two. I can't find it online, though I thought this same fellow from Hope, AR, that put this on YouTube had done the other side later. Perhaps
I dreamed it.

Don was buried Wednesday beside Mother, Daddy and our baby brother. There were some beautiful eulogies given at the funeral and the burial and three of The Tunes showed up at the burial. Jeralyn and Ray Mills said they were going to be there, as well, but Jeralyn had to have a medical procedure done and couldn't make it. One of Don's high school girlfriends sent flowers and one he had dated and other high school friends attended. We shared some happy memories.

I'm feeling much better now that Don is out of pain and in a far better place. I had a happy dream about him Wednesday night and felt that I'd had a good visit with him... I think the first time I ever dreamed of him. In the dream I was riding in the car with him on a long road race and we had a good time but I woke up before the race was finished.

I hope you, Jim and your mom are doing well.




Dear Bobby,

Thanks to your info and help I was able to find "My Baby Still Loves Me" on "You Tube" with some words from Linda... I don't know how it escaped to me! Here's the link for that nice light boppin' country boogie.