Dominique "Imperial" ANGLARES

Here's a recent picture of me ... Not that bad for a boy born in October 21, 1958. I don't post much about myself but I am glad to give you these infos regarding the great work done to preserve Minden's memories and for everybody's cool ways. If I am very glad to have found Bobby Moorehead, I am pretty sad about Don Holt's condition. Life is made of joys and sorrows.

Here are few words about my background as asked:

Born and raised in France, I first catch the 50's Rock and Roll desease being around 13 years old way back around 1972. My first heroes were Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran. Few years later wearing pompadour hairdoo and 50's clothes, I was amazed by those first Rockabilly LP’s coming in Europe. In 1977, MCA issued a set of four LP’s with Rockabillies from Decca/Coral/Brunswick catalog. Many of these recordings were done in Nashville with the best musicians of the time. At the same time United Artists issued 3 LP’s with Imperial and Liberty recording. These LPs were killers with Johnny and Dorsey Burnette, Roy Brown, Laura Lee Perkins, The Strikes, Lew Williams, Merle Kilgore and Bill Mack, the well know DJ from XM Satellite radio, to name a few. That set of record drives me insane so I put in the back of my sport jacket a big “Imperial Rockabillies” logo. Since 1979, as my name Dominique is very common, everybody who deal with R’n’R know me as "Imperial". You must also remember that record label from California for Slim Withman, Fats Domino and Ricky Neslon.

In 1980, I settled the Brest R’n’R Appreciation Society in order to promote that 50’s sound and some long forgotten performers. It was and it is still an unpaid job, just a musical pleasure. Then we published few real homemade fanzines ... rough and primitive! Life bring me back near Paris but I kept writting through the years. I am currently a contributor for "Tales from the Woods" (UK), “Big Beat of the 50’s” (Australia), "American Music Magazine" (Sweden) or on the web for the “Rockabilly Hall of Fame”. I worked out few features for the Rockabilly Hall of Fame about Charline Arthur, Jimmy Work, Dick Penner, Jimmy Lee Fautheree and a Tommy Tomlinson’s story with the help of his son Tommy Tillman. Since years, I am working on Louisiana’s musical legacy and I wrote papers about Dale Hakwins, Jimmy Donley, Fats Domino, Margaret Lewis, Elvis Presley and Luke McDaniel for magazines. A did a lot of researches about Shreveport, Baton Rouge, West Monroe, Lake Charles, New Orleans and I am very glad to explore now Minden's legacy. Friends opened friendly their vaults to me bringing in music, pictures and memorabilia.They bring me some never expected information about Bobby Charles, James Burton, The Lonesome Drifter, Carol Williams, Jerry Hawkins, Gene Wyatt or Maylon Humphries to name a few greats from Louisiana. The memories had to be collected before it will be too late and the stories had to be told. Southern 50’s music is back strong in the States and it’s great to see festival like The Ponderosa Stomp bringing more and more international customers

The best is always to come … I took often time for people to understand the cultural value of regional music or art and, since Alan Lomax started to collect rural music, we were a lot to try to give them reward to performers/musicians than never make it great but who are part of the legacy. I will be glad to work something in the future about The Tunes, Don Holt, Bobby Moorehead and David Bailey. Your help would be welcome and much appreciate. Feel free to write me at: ... You all will be welcome to share memories or ask about the golden 50's.

Dominique "Imperial" ANGLARES