Charlotte's Story


Miss Ina Smith and Mrs Foret both lived in the apartment building on the corner. Miss Ina fell during the snow of 1948 and broke her hip. it was my senior yearin high school. I don't remember the year house numbers were changed, probably in the mid forties because my Dad and Mother built the house at 502 Pennsylvania Avenue in 1939 and the number was changed to 418 Pennsylvania Avenue later.

I would just like to tell you that since Maurice Whitlow told me about your Memories of Minden site I have re-lived the first 20 years of my life that I lived in Minden by reading it. Both of my grandparents families were railroad people who came to Minden when the railroad moved from Arkansas in the early 1920s. My mother (Mary Neal Hays) and daddy (Vernon O Shackeford) both graduated from Minden High School in 1925.
I was born 16 February 1931 at the bottom of the hill on White Oak Drive. the house faced the Sibley Road. My grandparents (William and Cora Mae Shackelford) owned the house at 330 White Oak Drive and I knew and visited the Miller family and the Agan family often.
I was married to Robert Tatom in the Minden Presbyterian Church on 18 November 1951. Reverend John W. Davis was the pastor at that time. Robert was in the Air Force and we never lived in Minden except for short periods of time when he was on assignments where the children and I couldn't join him.
My father worked for the railroad for many years and then owned the Service Cleaners for many years. So many of the names, homes pictured and people are so familiar to me and i really have enjoyed reading the history of Minden, it has brought so many memories of mine. thanks to you both for all the effort you have taken to make these memories possible.

Coretta Shackelford Tatom Shotwell, MHS Class of 1948
   I visited Miss Ina Smith in her hospital room when she had broken her hip. She said, "The little plant in my yard shouldn't have to contend with that old root, so I was pulling it out when I fell back and broke my hip."   Miss Ina had taught me typing and shorthand.   Theresa Bunner, Class of 1946   I LOVE this letter from Mrs. Shotwell! Thank you for printing it for all of us to see.
These newsletters and Updates mean so much to us. I didn't even grow up there and I know what they mean to me so must be EVER so much more to those that lived there for a much longer time.

She must have lived in the house at the bottom of White Oak Drive facing Sibley Road that was Mrs. Hudson's home when we lived there. James lived in the oneright behind it (facing WOD) and Mother and I lived in the little "dollhouse" across
the street in the triangular "piney" lot that points to Sibley Road. LOTS of good memories from that area!


Linda Holt Moorehead, Class of 1961

P.S. There was another Hudson family that lived on top of that hill whose son was a football player at MHS and I think maybe at Tech but not sure of where after MHS.
I never knew them... just knew OF them.