Another Bonnie and Clyde Story


Again, the sheriff's name was Henderson Jordan, my second cousin.   Bonnie and Clyde were taken down about six miles
from my granddaddy's the crow flies.

Here ya go... the whole family.  LOL

Ancestry Hints for James Rogers JORDAN  (The Sheriff's father)


Father: John Henderson JORDAN 19 MAR 1842 in Louisiana
Mother: Mable Jeanette JOHNSON 1 FEB 1846 in Alabama

Marriage Viola BAILEY b: MAY 1875 in Louisiana  (My Great Aunt)
Married: 13 MAR 1895 in Louisiana

Children (My second cousins)
Henderson JORDAN  MAR 1897 in Louisiana,  (The Sheriff)
Janette JORDAN b: MAY 1899 in Louisiana
Minnie Mae JORDAN b: 1905 in Louisiana
Revis JORDAN b: 1901 in Louisiana
Busie JORDAN b: 1903 in Louisiana
Loy JORDAN b: 1908 in Louisiana
Garvie JORDAN b: 1909 in Louisiana
Earline JORDAN b: 1912 in Louisiana
Joe JORDAN b: 1914 in Louisiana
>Inez JORDAN b: 1916 in Louisiana
Another Bonnie and Clyde Story That is correct, Hamilton Jordan.I included the Jordan name below the bold print just to egg on some contributors.Rodney can vouch for the story that the Jordan family had great concern for many decades that gang members just might return to Arcadia. Tom Carey The sheriff was my second cousin...

Henderson Jordan Nolanh Bailey, Class of 1957

Did I tell you that a man came into my office last week who is married to the Granddaughter of the sheriff who set up the Bonnie & Clyde ambush?  You may recall the sheriff’s name.   After the ambush the men present divided up the weapons. Sheriff kept a shotgun.

Seems like a brother of this man’s wife saw a piece on PBS about valuable weapons and contacted the appraiser. That man told  Mr. Jordan that IF this were really involved, it is extremely valuable.  Seems like the gentleman knows this well, he is a banker.  Stay tuned. I used to see patients from Arcadia and I would frequently ask the older ones “were you there when they brought the bodies in”?   Few if any of those exist today. I saw the last one who was there about 3 years ago. Perhaps some of you still see those present on May 23, 1934 at Conger’s Funeral Home? It is quite possible as some children there, maybe age 9, would be only 85. tdCarey

Gun owned by agent who toppled Capone headed to Vegas museum

(AP Photo/Julio Cortez). This Wednesday, March 25, 2015 photo shows a Smith & Wesson .38 Special in Mountainside, N.J. The gun belonged to IRS investigator Michael Malone, the man who went undercover to infiltrate Al Capone's gang in the 1930s and ...

Associated Press

MOUNTAINSIDE, N.J. (AP) - The gun is a triumph of American craftsmanship from the early 20th century, its sleek barrel familiar to anyone raised on the movies of Bogart and Cagney, "Scarface" and "Little Caesar."

Submitted by T. D. Carey

NOTE:  Rodney Mason's great uncle was the sheriff,Jordan, at the time Bonnie and Clyde were killed.

Submitted by Carolyn Talton Mason