Hi, my name is Perry Anderson and my grandparents were Willie & Ruby Anderson.  "PawPaw" died in 1968 and "MawMaw" lived to be 104 years old and died in 2005.  My grandparents actually had 14 children.  My dad was Wayne, the fourth child, and lived in Minden (expect for his time in the service) until he and my mother married in 1959.  My grandparents moved to Oak Ridge from Winn Parish in the early 40's.  My dad was a young teenager when they moved, and was a little older than most of the folks mentioned in most of these memories.  He drove a taxi for several years before he married my mom and moved.  He met my mom through my Aunt Mary Jo for they attended Northwestern State College together and shared an apartment while teaching in Shreveport.  I have many warm memories of the time I spent in Oak Ridge playing with all my cousins and friends.  My favorite memory is when we would play touch football in the street on S. Roosevelt beside the house.  (It was the only time we played touch, for all the other times when we were on grass, we played tackle.)  Anyway, I can remember playing football and when a car would turn to come down the street, someone would yell, "Car!" So we would get out of the street for the car to pass by then we would get back in the street and reconvene the game.  There were always lots of children around when we'd gather for the holidays.  With 14 children, you can imagine the number of grandchildren that were around.  I also remember the story about the first television in Oak Ridge.  The story is that my dad, bought the t.v. for my grandparents sometimes in the 50's and their living room (as small as it was) would be full when a football game was on, or anything other big event.  Mr. Charlie Hennigan told me several years ago that he remembers lying on the floor in my grandparents house