Compliments of Sharon Hennigan Waters,

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                                                              LURA & ROLAND HENNIGAN

                                                                 WEDDING ANNIVERSARY                                                

                                                                      She was 33 and he was 43!

 Certification and Photograph of C. R. Hennigan

Webster Parish Court House

1. Rev. Lura and Ronald Hennigan around 1990 at the Webster parish Court House

 2. Deputy Sheriff Roland Hennigan

3. Deputy C. R. Hennigan

4. Deputy Sheriff C. R. Hennigan in his car

 5. Mattie Hennigan

6. Ronnie Hennigan visiting at the Waters home in Ga. in 2004

7.Miram Copeland wife of Ronnie Hennigan

 8.The Hennigan Triplets, Sons of Ronnie Hennigan

Can someone tell us which is Tim, which is Todd and which is Tracy?

9.  Can someone help us identify the family members in  photograph#009?

10. Daughters of Charlie Hennigan (L-R, Shalome, Faith & Jordan Hennigan)

Son of Sharon Hennigan Waters (Ian Waters - taken in 1995)

11. Hennigan last big family Christmas held at David Hennigan's home in Shreveport, Louisiana in 1991. Can someone help identify the people in this photograph #011?

12. 1910 Bienville Parish L-R, Moese, Roland, Wilson and Gladys Hennigan

#13.  Mr. & Mrs. Wilson P. & Millicient Hennigan, Brother and sister in law of Roland Hennigan

#14. Mrs. Hazel (Bert) Rankin, Piano Teacher

#15. Camille & her sister KK before KK's wedding in 1995

#16. Ian Waters with two friends, Clark Glideweel and Bob Jessor

#17. Family Vaction, Yellowstone National Park 1969 (Lura, Ronald, David and Sharon Waters)

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