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1930 Grig

Letter from Sara Wade Ratcliff, 1930 Graduate

  Here is all I have on Cousin Sara.  An excellent source was her niece Joan.  Joan is a Minden grad of late 'AD's s. You probably remember her sister Jane who graduated with me in 1953                     deceased     Mrs. Joan (James) Reeves Booth          Houston, Texas

VALEDICTORIAN - Miss Alline BarkerSALUTATORY - Harry McGinnis President:  Harry McInnis There were 75 members of the graduating class


Submitted by daughter of Alline Barker   


SUBMITTED BY DAUGHTER OF ALLINE BARKER  I have a picture that I will send when I send the other information.  She's young in the picture but don't know her exact age.  Yes, she was born in 1912 which puts her at age 18 when she graduated.  Another question I have - weren't there just 11 grades back then?  Wish I could confirm that.  As to college, I know she went at least one year and maybe two at Monticello, Arkansas.  She then taught school a couple of years and married in 1935.  I think if you attended college at all back then, you could teach, in rural Arkansas, anyway.  She was also musically inclined - played the piano by ear and had a beautiful alto voice.  She collected poetry and I have an old notebook of hers in which she had copied favorite (I assume) poems.  I didn't know about the poetry when I was growing up.  Thank you for being interested in all this. Krim Byard, Daughter or Alline Barker, 

1939 Grig

Compliments of Ann Mays Harlan

1938 Grig

Compliments of Ann Mays Harlan

1937 Grig

Compliments of Ann Mays Harlan

1936 Grig

Compliments of LeVerne Langheld Kidd

They came to stand at homecoming in 1957.

Can anyone identify these graduates?


1932 Picture's

Compliments of Archives & Special Collections

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MHS Students       

   PA2733 MINDEN HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATING CLASS - Anyone know what year?

Compliments of Archives and Special Collections LSU - Shreveport, One University Place, Shreveport, LA71115-2399


The 1933 Grig

1c:  Glen Baten, Rosa Boyce, Talmadge Bradford, Bobby Brown, Ruth Chanler

2c:  James Pat Coffee, Alma Collums, Gerald Couch, Edna Josephine Chloe Malone Crawford, Eugenia Cross

3c:  Bernice Culbertson, Harlan Dean, Harmon Drew, Trudy Efferson, Bobby Franks

4c:  Marjorie Frazier, Mary Grace Fuller, Richard Garrison, James Lee Green, Ralph Grounds

5c:  Evelyn Hancock, Wallace Hanna, Myrtle Heflin, Charles Hill, Johnnye Hobbs

6c:  Roy Johnson, Elsie Krouse, Gladys Landrem, Helen Lumpkin, Ambrose Lunsford

7c:  Willis Lunsford, Albert Lutz, Thelma Manis, Crichton McCrary, Maurine Moses

8c:  Lois Murrell, Fern Nation, Virginia Raley, Grace Virginia Rathbun, Jean Rathbun

9c:  Billy Salibury, Kathryn Samuel, Tristam Shaver, Morris Simms, Edmond Stephens

10c:  Ruth Stewart, Robert Semmes Webb, Weiss Wilkerson, Octava Williamson, Marjorie Youngblood

Submitted by Larry Mays and identified by Elsie Krouse Hocks

Compliments of Larry Mays

NEED 1934

NEED 1935








Class of 1939



They came to stand in 1957




1938 Grig- Compliments of Ann Mays Harlan




1939 Grig- Compliments of Ann Mays Harlan



                                             We hope you enjoyed the 1936, 37, 38 and 1939 Grigs.