M.H.S. 1955 M.H.S. 50TH REUNION

         Compliments of Joy Garriss Connell    

     1955 MHS REUNION

           Photo's by Joy Garriss Connell

        Bar-B-Q Dinner on Thursday night at Steve's on Highway 80


                     Carolyn Sale McDaniel, B. Doyle Walker

                  Earlene Mendenhall Lyle standing with camera


Jim Gritzbaugh at the head of the table, to his right is Roy Baggett, his friend,

Mary, Myra Crownover Hasty, Bennie Ryan Stewart in the pony tail, Dugan

Stewart at the other end of the table; to Bennie's left is Carolyn Sale McDaniel,

B. Doyle Walker and Sherry Gresham Gritzbaugh.

L-R, Thomas "T-Bone" Sharpling, Loretta Allen Sharpling and Charles "Bo" Drake

Earlene Lyle Mendenhall Lyle, to the left is Rob Martin, "Bo Drake, across from them

in the red is Linda Mims Martin and Patsy Kleinneger Drake in the brown outfit.

Jean Stephens is the blonde with her back to the camera.

Charles "Dugan" Stewart, Bennie Ryan Stewart, Carolyn Sale McDaniel, B. Doyle Walker, (Not shown Sherry Gresham Gritzbaugh & Jim at the end of the table.)

Back Table: (Not shown - Robert Stephens)  Jean Stephens with her back to the camera, Patsy Kleinneger Drake and Linda Mims Martin in the red.

Back row next to the window; (Not shown, Thomas Sharpling, Loretta Allen Sharpling, "Bo" Drake, Rob Martin, and Earlene Mendenhall Lyle in the white shirt.

(Not shown - Bob Stephens was at the end of the table next to Jean.)

L-R, Jim Gritzbaugh, Roy Baggett, Roy's friend Mary, and Myra Crownover Hasty

(Not pictured but attending the dinner was Roy and Joy Garriss Connell. She took the photographs.)

                                  Friday, September 30, 2005 - Hospitality

Decorating  the float, luncheon, & get together at the home of Dr. & Mrs. Ed Brown...

                                  What fun we had getting reacquainted!

Marsha needing helpers!  (Marsha Boyd Salmon)

Help Arrives! L-R, Myra Crownover Hasty, Bobby Youngblood, Bennie Ryan Stewart &

husband, Charles "Dugan" Stewart and Jerry Cook.

Another picture of...

The Troops, Myra, Bobby, Benny, Dugan and Jerry

L-R, James Liner, Roy Baggett, ______, Jerry Frasier, Marsha Boyd, Is that Sheila and Bennie Ryan Stewart

Linda Lee Mims Martin, Earlene Mendenhall Lyle and Sandra Crockett Brown

B. D. "Doyle" Walker, Dr. Ed Brown, Charles "Dugan" Stewart and Jerry Cook

Dugan, Linda Lee Mims Martin, Rob Martin, Betty and James Liner

James Lynn "Jim"Ford, Rob Martin, Linda Lee Mims Martin, and James Liner

Carla Green & Eugene McCracken, James Lynn "Jim" Ford, Diane Green Sentell  

Roy Lee Connell (Spouse of Joy Garriss) and Sherry Gresham Gritzbaugh

Charles "Bo" Drake and Bill Slay

Gary "Buddy" Smith, Fred Moore, B. D. "Doyle" Walker, Dr. Ed Brown and Carla Faye Green McCracken

"Most Huggable" -  Randall Marrs

Pat Pevy, Marsha Boyd Salmon and Raymond Pevy




                Homecoming Court - Queen Amitria Wright Crow

          Football Sweethearts - Ashleigh Busby and Ashley Gruner

           Homecoming Princesses - Jonne Dixon & Britney Weeks

Spirit Maids , Lagwegenia Jefferson, Lauren Dick, and Minkoya Whitaker

Homecoming Maids, Katie Capello, Cori Hill, Margot Smotherman, Shayla Coleman,

Lemessia Combs, Kayla Weeks, Whitney Parker, and Carolyn Capps.


                                            Surfer and Wave