THE GRIGS - The Forties 

1940 Compliments of Ann Mays Harlan

1941  - Xerox copies would be appreciated. Mail to Sherry Gritzbaugh, 4507 Verone St., Bellaire, TX77401

1942-1946  During WWII there were no school annuals published.

1947 Compliments of Ben Hunter

1948 Compliments of Rowland Ivy

1949 Compliments of Rowland Ivy




Class Of 1940

JANUARY - 1941

Those who will graduate at mid-term, 1941

      CLASS OF 1941

 CLASS OF 1942


Class Of 1943




 CLASS OF 1942

Class President - Luke Manning Grigsby

 CLASS OF 1943

 Also graduating with this class was Fayrene Johnson and Ray Clary.

Is Ray Clary the same person as Ray Clay?

Class of 1944

President Eugene Ratliffe
Vice Pres. Bert David
Sec. Tres. Dorothy J. Hurley

Also graduating from Minden High School in 1944 were

Ola Elizabeth Sexton
Kati Taris
Martha Louise Tatom

Rupert Krouse                                                         Sarah Hearron MHS Senior                                                            

MHS Senior Class of 1944                                                            Class of 1945    

Submitted by LeVerne Langheld Kidd, Class of 1957


Class of 1945

President - Bob Ward

Vice President - Lloyd Baker

Secretary Treasurer - Mary Elizabeth Perritt

Two names do not appear on the above list: Elizabeth Terral (8/5/45) &

Marvin Lee Roberts who graduated 4/1045 (Military Veterans WWII)

Bernard Moore Fort CP son of Mr. and Mrs. Connell served at sea in the

South Pacific killed in Battle  of Iwo Jima on USS Satatago. Born 01 Mar.

1921 died 21 Feb. 1945 in Asiatic Sea interred in Section A of the Minden


Jake S. S. Monziongo: T/Sgt. son of Mr. & Mrs. A.P. Monzingo of Minden, La.

entered Army in Chicago, IL & served in Germany & France. Awarded Air Medal,

OLC and Purple Heart. Killed in Action in Germany, 1945.



 HAA, Robert Charles Special Diploma to boy in navy 5/20/46

DUPUY, Edwin Eugene  Special to Soldier U.S. Marine 7/5/46 WWII

ROBERTS, Marvin Lee SC 2/c Marvin Lee Roberts, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Roberts of Minden,

husband of Ann Calangelo, graduate of Minden High. Entered Navy in 1943, trained at Great Lakes, Ill

and schools in Rhode Island. Served in ETO for 14 months. Awarded Navy Citation. Discharged in 1945.

(Special to Veterans 4/19/45)

WHITLOW, George W. Pfc. George W. Whitlow, son of Mr.s J. A. Whitlow, Minden, attended Minden High.

Entered Marines 1943, trained in San Diego. Served in Hawaii, Saipan and Okinawa.  (Special to Veterans World War 7/5/46)                                         

 CLASS OF 1946

                                                                              Class of 1946

                                                          Class Officers
                                         President                     Eugene Hamner
                                         Vice President             Jimmie Anders
                                         Sec. - Treas.               Ann Elizabeth Lowe

You might note some of the names below have some of the lettering left off.
Maybe this will help identify some of the graduates for you.

Edwin Eugene Dupuy David Eugene Gleason
Ann Elizabeth Lowe
Emmett Franklin J________?
Sylvia Jean McDaniel
Lillian Catherine Meeks
Mary Frances Sanders
Dorothy Louise Tripp

Row: 2
Anna Laura Whatley
Jimmie Ray Anders
James Edward East
Earl Eugene Hamner
Robert Webb Kennon
William H. Lambert
Billie Gene McGowen
D. Lawrence Stewart
John William Woods

If you recognize anyone e-mail me at so we can identify the people in the above photo.



1947 Kindergarten Class

The 1947 Grig has been brought to you compliments of Ben Hunter

Senior Class of 1947

Junior Class -

Do you recognize these Swimmers and P.E. Students? If so e-mail us and identify them?


Class of 1948 - Compliments of Rowland Ivy




CLASS OF 1949- Compliments of Rowland Ivy