A Last Look At MHS                                                     Fourth of July 2007                     

Alumni Say Goodbye                                                   Germantown Colony

Antique Auto Show                                                      Get Together at Nicky's  

Twin Brothers Graduated 1965

Dinner at Roma's Italian Bistro in Downtown Minden the Evening of September 6, 2016


60th Anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Boyett 8-11-56

               Group Meeting April 2009 Class of 1953 Photo's

                Class of 1953 - April ,2009 Group Meeting  Photo's

               1953 Annual Get Together March 2008

                Richard Carey's trip to the Holy Land

          2007  Dorcheat Inn Seafood & Steak Banquet  

          Ann Harlans Ghostwalk pictures for Nov 10 2007  

 2007 Holiday Inn Get Together                                               2007 Ghostwalk                                                   

April Fool Party                                              FIRST GhostwalkWeekend - 2004                                    

1907 Maypole                                                                               Ghostwalk 2004                                                  

Art Festival                                                                                    Ghostwalk 2005

Bayou Inn                                                                      Ghostwalk Nov II - 2006                                                        

Bayou Inn Dinner 2005                        Maurice Whitlow and Friends July 2012

 Ghostwalk 2006                                                 Nov. Ghostwalk Banquet 2006                                                          

Bayou Inn Dinner 2006                                                 Goodbye 1924 Sch Bldg.                                   

Ball Family Get Together                                           Hennigan Family Reunion                       

Ball - Lumpkin -Kennon Get Together                                  Holiday Inn Mixer 

 Bloom Tour                                                                 Hennigan Family Reunion   

Bonnie and Clyde Ambush Museum Party                        January 2005 Party 

Complete Demolition                    Lumpkin, Lewis, Ratcliff, & Kennon Cousin  

Looky who's on SB (S'port/Bossier) magazine

 Concerts                                                     MHS 1953 2006  Party - Bayou Inn                                                                        

 Dawn Glass on KTBS Bob Griffinn's Good Life Show

Demolition                                                 MHS 1953  Annual party Blue Moon                                                                                   

Demolition of the 1924 School Building         Newsom Girls 2010 Christmas Luncheon

 Emmeline Langheld                      Tide Lockers Dedicated To School Champs                                                                                                                  

 Erika's Answer                                                       Nicky's Mexican Restaurant                                                                              

 Farewell to Minden High School                                        Roberts Music Store  

 Goodbye 1924 MHS Bldg.                                                     The Dixie Hoe Down                                         

  Kasey Kidd                                                                            Tea - May 6 1956                               

 Tour of Minden High School                               Viet Nam Moving  Wall  2007     

                    Vacation Bible School & Training Union Certificates

                               Sports and Athletic Awards

The Greatest Glory

Minden Civil War Veterans - The Robin Greys

Minden High School stadium, gym condemned